How to Host a Beading Night

2 thoughts on “How to Host a Beading Night”

  1. I just recently took up beading – have yet to finish my first project because I’m trying to learn seed bead stitching. This is kind of up my alley because I also love cross-stitch – however, my DH told me that I need to finish all those 1/2 done projects because he is tired of seeing them in the craft room.

    Next weekend – he threatens – we are clearing out the craft room and figuring out what is done and what is not.

    BTW – any advise for a new beader?

    1. Welcome to the world of beading – it is so addictive! If you;re working with seed beads, my best advice would be to start a storage system that can grow with your collection. A cheap idea is using those small ziploc bags in the jewelry supply aisle of the craft store. These can hold several grams of beads, they’re easy to stow in a box, and you can Sharpie on them (supplier, size, etc.).

      And rtcrita responded to the Don’t Buy That post by saying that she uses baby food jars to store her beads. So brilliant!
      Blessings on finishing up projects: that’s SO much easier said than done! 🙂

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