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    1. Fannie May boxes are from Fannie May, the candy shop. They package their chocolates in boxes (with lids) that measure about 4″ by 9″ and 1″ high. My favorites are their “Trinidads” which are a dark chocolate truffle covered in white chocolate with coconut. But I know a lot of “Pixie” people and we get along just fine.

      1. I was wondering what a Fannie May box was too. thanks!

        Great ideas! I never thought to save the yogurt lids for use under gluing, painting, etc… I’ve had egg cartons full of beads!

        You can also use toothpicks in place of bamboo skewers for ungunking your glue & paint too.. I also use empty coffee cans, which I paint & label for optimum craft prissiness, to store corks, pebbles, bottlecaps, etc, etc..

  1. I use plastic grocery bags to manage my crochet projects. I usually buy all the yarn at once and then use it from the bag as I go. I can usually tie the bags to hold the skeins in and pull the yarn as I need it. I generally keep the hook in the bag too so that if I stop and start up again I don’t have to figure out what size hook I had been using.


  2. Nice ideals. I am going to use the egg carton ideal for putting my paint in, when I paint something. Use it and throw it away. I usually take ceran wrap and wrap a cutting board and put the paint on it and then throw that away.
    Never heard of Fannie May boxes.
    I save those plastic pouches with zippers, that sheets come in and bedspreads. Those are handy to store supplies in too.
    I am going to subscribe to your blog.

  3. This is possibly the most significant down side to the disappearance of 35mm film. No more of those incredibly convenient little canisters!

    BTW, want great stitch markers for crochet (and row markers for knitting)? Bobby pins. BEST THINGS EVER.

    1. Bobby pins – brilliant! I never thought of that (and they’re always at the bottom of my purse, anyway)! I totally agree about the film canisters. I can’t count how many pieces of dollhouse furniture I made that had a film canister base under all that papier mache. Ah, memories. But at least we have prescription pill bottles today.

  4. So that means that you are a “green” crafter – re-using instead of buying new? That is great.

    Both of my grandmother’s were avid crafters – from quilting to doll making – one was a “green” crafter – reusing anything she could get her hands on as storage or for other uses – my other grandmother had every tool needed for the job – however, they both taught me that if you want something to last you have to take care of it.

    Thanks for sharing these ideas – I’m stealing the egg carton for my beading and the ramen for my knitting supplies.

  5. Hi, Anne. Your blog is great! I love doing all kinds of art/crafts, too. (I took a peek at that crochet medallion and am going to try that first chance I get.) I really like the idea of the bread ties with the size needle written on it. I have to work on many projects at a time (I have crafting A.D.D., I think.) and am constantly switching my crochet needles around. Because I sometimes use a different needle than what the pattern calls for, I forget what size needle I used if I let too much time pass before I get back on it. This is going to help me out so much!

    I have used pretty much all of the supply storing tips you suggest–except the bread ties and the Fanny Mae boxes. I have done the bobby pin thing like fireandair many times. Just be careful, because I have had one slip out once and almost had trouble figuring out where I had marked my stitches. Now, I use small safety pins. They work great! Plus, I just keep moving them as I work. I also use baby food jars for my beads. It shows off your beads as well as making it easy to see what you have in stock and what you need to buy. (Yea! More purchasing of supplies!)

    Thanks for all your tips and the crochet pattern. Am subscribing now because I love looking at other artist/crafters/photographers blogs for inspiration!

  6. Great ideas! I wrote some down for myself and my crafting teen daughter. I have been repurposing and saving such “craft supplies” rather than tossing items for years.

    For example, one Christmas I re-used Pringle cans to give cookies as gifts to family and friends. I used scrapbook paper on the outside and the lid; I used waxed paper to line the inside, since you can’t exactly wash a Pringle can.

    Godiva chocolate boxes are great also!

  7. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

    Thanks for the lovely ideas! Something else to add to my re-cycle and re-use policy 🙂


  8. Congrats on being recognized!

    I also love re-using stuff – and cigar boxes are a particular passion of mine. The only Fannie May I’ve ever heard of is the mortgage loan sort, so I was imagining big banker boxes! I live out West, so I’m thinking Fannie Ma

  9. i am religeous about using number 7 on your list. I use bamboo skewers to help me glue tiny pieces of paper on my cards. they are the best!!!!!!!!!
    And congrats on makin the front page. two thumbs up!

  10. And there I was last night with using a bobby pin and my fingernails trying to pry the dry crusty paint out of the lids. A bamboo skewer is brilliant! And those are cute little dots to boot. Loved this post, so many great ideas. Thanks!

  11. The bread tags are genius! I just started knitting and had to buy some stitch markers. Once I lose them all (which is inevitable) I will make sure I have a collection of bread tags! So smart 🙂 Thank you!

  12. Always great to see more people hand-making or reusing things. That’s why I also love places like Etsy, great post!

  13. you know the plastic cartons that rotisserie chickens come in? They make great mini-greenhouses to start seedlings. Thanks for sharing these tips, they are great for preschool teachers!

  14. It is so amazing that all the items you were able to reuse for different purposes are items are easily accessible. I have all of the items in my house. Very impressive ideas!

  15. Love the egg carton as drying rack idea… and as a sort tray… the only use I could think of for them till now was as seed starters. I think that got stuck in my head in grade school and I just couldn’t see past it.

  16. Hi,

    Loved this post. Since moving to Portugal, I now before I throw anything away look at the item and think “what else can this be used for?”

    You ahve inspired me to write a post about recyling in the home! Thankyou 🙂

    I have subscribed to your blog and look forwad to reading more ideas.


  17. Good post! I am all for reusing, especially stuff that cannot be recycled (or is not profitable to be recycled, therefore it doesn’t get recycled).

  18. Yogurt containers are great for paint water. I actually reuse yogurt containers nearly daily to hold temporarily cut veggies, etc. when I cook. Why use ordinary bowls for such a temporary process? For stir-fries and salads before one throws the gastronomic dish together.

    I also used to transport my acrylic paint tubes in my bike panniers when I cycled to my art classes.

  19. Great ideas! I love the Velveeta box. I have that and others, always hate to throw them away but not sure why until now. 🙂 Do you have any ideas for a carrying case/storage for a small project? I want to grab and go, take it with me everywhere, but I don’t want to spend a fortune on some fancy case. I don’t care one bit what it looks like. Any thoughts would be appreciated! Thanks and I love your blog.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I use the best container for toting beading projects: an old medium-sized metal toolbox. I found it at a garage sale and it’s great for holding up to the stress of tools banging around inside. A tackle box would also be great with all of its little compartments.

  20. Congrats on being freshly pressed!
    Some awesome ideas you have there, i suppose only when you start doing all the crafty things do you realise how great those little ideas really are. I made some jewellery for a little while, but ended up spending way too much time and money on making beautiful things just to give them away. BUT i had littel containers here and there for all sorts. NOW it is all in a BIG BLACK box. Those come in handy sometimes too! Haha.
    Have an awesome day!

  21. I love crafty stuff, it’s just so much fun to DIY. Thanks for sharing these money saving little techniques, I don’t do the Velvetta boxes, but occasionally I do have Ramen noodles. I love using shoe boxes for storage too.

  22. It’s always good to find someone else who believes in using one’s resources. Found your blog on Freshly Pressed and glad I did. I look forward to reading more great ideas for reusing items and handmade goodies. I’m currently working on my watercolor and art room so I can’t wait to try out a few of your suggestions. Saving money on supplies when you can is definately a good idea.
    I’m passing on the Stylish Blog Award to you!
    To accept simply post 7 random facts about yourself and pass it on.
    Awesome Blog, I love it!

  23. Magnificent idea, recycling things in the house and making it more useful for other purpose is the best way to save money, not to mention it can also save you time. I always remember a tv series back then, entitled McGyver when i read your blog.

  24. I love recycling things that can pass for boxes, n this is a great list. The soft paper in egg cartons means that supplies don’t get too scratched either 🙂
    Had to google Fannie May to realise they’re a brand of chocs!

  25. A chopstick has found its way into my DIY plastic bird house. The birds perch on the stick and eat to their heart’s delight.
    For a cool hairdo, chopsticks also work to mount synthetic or human hair braids….when a barrette is hiding.

    Merci for your post!

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