Shoe Fix

8 thoughts on “Shoe Fix”

  1. Such a fantastic idea and the result is awesome! They look like well loved shoes now and are a much better colour.

    The whole ‘nude’ shoe thing freaks me out too. Recently I was a bridesmaid in a party of four and one of the other bridesmaids was a real fashionista. The bride chose blood red for our dresses so we had to decide on a shoe colour to wear with it. We didn’t want to wear silver or gold for fear of looking like a christmas trees and thought black might be too harsh. Fashionista was pushing for nude ‘as it elongates the leg’ and I like you, was thinking that instead, it would serve to show how my Irish skin verges on glowing in the dark. In case you were wondering, we went with charcoal for the shoes – thank god!

    1. I love this comment! If I looked like Heidi Klum, I’m sure that I would embrace many more bold fahion looks, but my fashion picks are ALWAYS tempered by body shape (or skin tone!) pragmatism.

      And I know the charcoal colored heels were the better choice anyway!

  2. Really good idea to save shoes and make them last longer! I use colored markers to touch up our shoes a lot, too. You do have to test first by just making a tiny dot somewhere that won’t show first to make sure it will look okay. Usually, we can wipe a little off with a cloth to make it come out all right.

    Those are cute shoes and look very comfortable!

  3. I love love love ballet flats and pretty much live in them from about March to October here in AZ – I’m totally stealing this idea because I can never find all the colors I want – so now I can have any color I want.

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