Chai la Luna

6 thoughts on “Chai la Luna”

  1. I drink Chai all the time…even though I never had any till I met my husband. We live for the time being in Pakistan. My chai uses less milk…infact I use a ratio of 1:3 water/milk, and use more loose tea for a stronger more favorful chai. Also, for a simipler version of spiced tea…use a peice of whole cinnamon bark, 1 whole clove, 1 green cardamon. Boil the milk/water/loose tea/spices….add sugar to taste abt half way thru. Then once its had come to a boil and you have gotten a creamy med brown color, pour your chai back and forth between two mugs to force air into it. Not only does it bring the chai down to drinking temp, it brings out the beautiful flavors of all the ingredients. Note: that weak/pale chai is really tasteless and not to be considered chai at all.

    1. I think I’d like your version: I like a strong tea taste because I like stronger spices, so your version sounds absolutely wonderful! And thanks for the cool idea with a cardamom pod and the air-forcing procedure – must try! (Note to self: buy cardamom pods.)

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