Laundry Day

8 thoughts on “Laundry Day”

  1. Thank you, Liz! And you know the real truth behind this post: I actually had to have TWO glass iced tea jars when they first came out. But you won’t tell a soul, right?

  2. That’s a LOT of laundry you’re doing. I only do one a week as I’m on my own but I don’t even like doing that one… Imagine having to do at least two a day…

  3. That is a LOT of washing Anne!
    I can manage to leave it until our wash basket can hold no more (can take just under a month) before I do 3 loads to empty it!
    It’ll probably greatly increase when I have children!
    And then I will be using your ideas of making doing the laundry as enjoyable and as beautiful as possible!

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