Giraffe Project

5 thoughts on “Giraffe Project”

  1. I love it! We’re very into giraffes in our house now. Not sure how that happened. Someone gave us a book about Gerald the Giraffe, my Jerry has a little onesie with a Giraffe that says “Short Stuff”…which is particularly funny since he is actually quite tall for a 5 mos old. And suddenly, he has 3 stuffed giraffes. Anyway, love it! ~Rae

    1. And there’s something charming about giraffes, right? They’re quirky and (seemingly) huggable even though they’re towering – I love them!

      So how is Gerry the Giraffe?! Adorable and gifted in height? (I knew it!) Tell me when you back in Chicago – I want to see that perfect little guy.
      I love you!

  2. Wow, this giraffe looks amazing! My mum has asked me to make her a 5-foot giraffe for her this Christmas so I was slightly worried about actually achieving it but this post has really helped and the pictures look really good =D What bits did you find the most difficult and how easy did you find it manipulating the chicken wire into the right shapes??
    Normally I wouldn’t be so bold in asking but I’ve never attempted a sculpture like this before so I’m looking for all the help I can get xD

    1. Hi Jessica! I’m really tickled that there’s going ot be TWO 5′ chicken wire giraffe sculptures in the world! Now they can procreate.

      I think the hardest part was cutting the chicken wire. I would recommend a tough set of wire cutters, because I don’t think mine were quite up to the job. I also spent a lot of time folding the ends of the cut chickenwire INto the sculpture so there were no sharp wires sticking out. I thought the chicken wire was a really forgiving medium and pretty easy to manipulate, but do take the time to center your “pattern” pieces on the wire. If your pieces – like the body or the thighs – are not aligned on the chicken wire before you cut, it will have a tendancy to twist when rolled into tubes.

      Please send pictures when you’re done!!
      Blessings on your 5′ Chicken Wire Giraffe Project,

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