The Company I Keep

4 thoughts on “The Company I Keep”

    1. OK, so here’s my idea: Let’s meet in some diner in Kansas and give each other an award. Then we’ll each give a (tearful, gushy, completely surprised-that-I’m-receiving-this) acceptance speech.

      I like it!

      I miss you! Do you want to come back home to Illinois yet?

      1. I like the Kansas idea, but does it have to be a diner? Those sometimes scare me.

        I miss you too, and I’m not sure where I want to be but I know I’d like you to be there!

      2. I said diner, not truck stop bathroom! Are diners really that scary? (Have you led a sheltered life?)

        OK, whatever you like: we’ll meet in a church Fellowship Hall and exchange our awards. How does that sound?

        I miss you!!

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