10 thoughts on “Pumpkinpalooza”

  1. What lovely pumpkins! I have to ask about your pumpkin hunting on the day you delivered twins. As a mother of twins myself, I have to admire that you had the energy to get out of bed, much less hunt for pumpkins, when you were hugely pregnant with twins! What an interesting start to their lives!

    1. You have twins, too?! Oh how cool is that – aren’t they great?!! How old are they? It’s probably too late to say, “Congratulations!” but: 1,000 blessings on you and your precious twins! Yeah, that last trimester I did a lot of sitting in one spot and having my kids “fetch” stuff for me 🙂 I could hardly breathe! I guess the pumpkin shopping mojo came from knowing the end was in sight (and they were almost here!).

    1. And tell me if this is true (I hope it is!): does Holland celebrate the Queen’s birthday by having country-wide garage sales (tag sales, flea markets, yard sales)?
      If this is true, tell me dear Lian: WHEN IS THE QUEEN’S BIRTHDAY?! (I’m there!)

      1. Yup, very true. Best place to go is Amsterdam I guess. Queensday is on the 30th of April. Let me know whether you made it and what you thought of it! Oh, and don’t forget to dress in orange 😉

      2. You’re very welcome to stay but where I live is no fun at all during Queensday. Better go to Amsterdam and let me know what you think afterwards 😉

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