Spinning Class

2 thoughts on “Spinning Class”

  1. I recently heard a speaker talk about her first lesson in learning to spin wool. She said she spent the first hour learning to use the foot pedal properly. She kept at it and has become a very accomplished spinner. She makes beautiful yarns, but she said she can’t figure out knitting. I find knitting to be easy. I never tried spinning, as it seems quite difficult to me. Good luck with the spinning classes.

    1. Some things seem to have a steep learning curve, and other things seem to be intuitive. I’m sure it’s different for everyone (you’re a natural knitter and I had to work at it in the beginning) but the hard-to-learn skills are humbling! You’re a writer: was writing just “easy” for you or did you have to work out kinks and develop it your skills slowly?

      I will keep you posted on my tanglings with wool, I mean, “spinning.”

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