Recycled Book Heart Mobile Tutorial

6 thoughts on “Recycled Book Heart Mobile Tutorial”

  1. LOVE…I already pinned it. Did your sewing machine complain about sewing through 24 layers? I’m afraid I would break the needle.

    1. My sewing machine and I have a strained relationship to start. I’m sure it’s not great for my machine (or the needle), but I was able to do 24 pages, and I think I could have done more. For heavy duty sewing, I think a sharp, denim/leather/upholstery needle would be best.

  2. Hi Anne! Love this! Very good craft for a word nerd like me. 😉 We’re chugging along with renovations in Tuscola. Getting a little closer each day! Yay!

    1. Yes! And you need to send me pictures of you word nerd floor – a whole floor covered in old book pages – I love it!!
      Can’t wait for the debut of your shop! It’s going to rock the East Central Illinoise scene (and I’m pulling together some sweet stuff for you to stock – yeah!)

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