Simple Square Knitted Baby Blanket Pattern

23 thoughts on “Simple Square Knitted Baby Blanket Pattern”

    1. Good question! I can’t tell you the exact difference in size because I don’t know what your gauge is. BUT I think either size would be a good substitute. Cast on a few less if you’re using the 15s – you’ll have a looser gauge. Cast on a few more if you’re using the 11s -you’ll have a tighter gauge. I would keep the border stitches the same either way. Then, just knit until you have a square (or close). Happy knitting!

      1. I’m a naughty knitter, I never gauge swatch. I’m more of a jump in and hope for the best type 😉 Thanks 🙂

  1. Why are cable needles used? I am a beginner and have never used them nor know what the difference is. Can I use regular knitting needles?

    1. I’m so glad you wrote because you caught a mistake that I made – thank you! I should have written “circular” needle, not “cable” needle in the original pattern, and I’ve since corrected it. You are exactly right: this is not a pattern for cable needles! Thank you again for catching this – I appreciate it!

    1. Yes, you are. The reason I wrote Row 8 as “k4, k56, k4” is because you are done with the garter stitch border and are now commencing the pattern for the rest of the blanket (until the last garter stitch border). You will repeat Row 8 for every even row until Row 94.

  2. I loved this pattern. Whipped up a blanket for my nephew in two days. I messed up a wool blanket and this pattern was perfect! I used Bernat Baby Blanket, it’s the fluffy one that feels like chenille. It came out perfect! I can’t even say how cute and soft. If you’re knitting for a newborn, I strongly suggest knitting in Bernat baby blanket yarn. I looked at the yarn suggested in the store and bernat, and I just went with Bernat because it was on sale. I’m so glad I did, it came out like a fluffy soft pillow! It has a nice give to it and it lays so nice. Thank you for this pattern! Simple, quick, cute, and warm! New parents are going to love it. This one will be my go-to pattern for baby showers!!

  3. Hi! I’m a beginner knitter, and was wondering if you can knit this pattern with straight needles or do you absolutely need circular needles? Thanks!

  4. OK I found a tutorial on how to use a circular needle for “straight” knitting projects
    like a blanket. Thanks. Never done that before.

    1. This is a great question. I recommend using circular needles for this project JUST so all those stitches fit, and NOT so the blanket will actually be knit around. To knit a piece in the round you would need to “connect” the first stitch of the row to the last, forming a continuous circle, and knit as such. For this project we knit back and forth (without forming a circle) so it is knit “flat.”

    1. Changing the size is quite easy on this blanket. For a 36″ square blanket, I would CO 78 and knit for 120 rows – that should do it. For simplicity sake, I would keep the garter stitch borders the same. So rows 1-7 are the same, and row 8 would knit as k4, k70, k4; and row 9 would knit as k4, p70, k4, etc.

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