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  1. Hi Anne,
    I love your blog – great ideas, wonderful pictures, fun reading all ’round!
    I am just setting up by blog and wonder if I can ask you a question?
    I would like to have my postings (which fall into three categories – stories, quote of the day, and word of the day) go to separate archives by category as you have done. How do you do that?
    Any help you can offer would be SO appreciated! I’ve tried to find the information in Support, without luck.

  2. OK, so I love this site too. Anne, you are a gifted woman! Give me a shout the next time you find yourself near Memphis, and I’d love to have a glass of wine with you. CAZ

  3. Dear Anne,
    I am Danice’s mother….
    I am so sorry that I could not meet you the last few times I came to visit, but wanted you to know that I appreciate the friend that you have been to Danice! She has talked about you often and has been inspired by your creativity. Such beautiful things that you make!!!
    On our way to the Bloomington airport, we stopped at The Quilting Bee quilt store. So cute! I wish I could have shopped longer, but Cora was sleeping in the car, so Danice couldn’t come in with me. I also love being creative, and have been having so much fun experimenting with quilting for the past 5 years…
    I also wanted you to know that I love the earrings that Danice gave my that YOU made! (Pink pearly drops). I wear them all the time. 🙂
    God bless you Anne… thank you for the friendship and love you have shown to my daughter. You are an answer to my prayers. All my love, Darcy

    1. I LOVE your daughter! She has been a bright spot in my life from as soon as I first met her. She’s a gem and I thank you for raising her to be the woman she is. Besides being the coolest friend a girl could ask for, you should know that she’s the best hostess! She has the best gift for making people feel welcome in her home (spoiling us!) and making her guests feel cherished. And if anyone at a Bible Study breakfast says, “Danice, this is lovely!” she immediately gives you credit for all she does (“Oh, my mom gave me that recipe. . .”) 🙂

      Happy Mother’s Day, Darcy: your daughter arises and calls you blessed.

      I’m glad you liked the Quilting Bee! I think it’s the cutest quilt shop and I don’t think I could ever visit enough quilt shops! I love the quilts that you made for Danice’s boys. When I saw those (beautiful, beautiful!) quilts, I knew that I liked you! We MUST meet when you come out here next!

      Thank you for Danice. She’s such a blessing and I’m so glad I’ve had her in my life these last few years. I don’t know what I’m going to do without her when she moves. She’s too good to lose!

      Thank you for your kind words, Darcy! We have to hit a quilt shop together soon 🙂
      Take care, Anne

  4. Hi,
    I have just retired from work and felt the need to pick up my craft hobbies again, I saw your beautiful pattern for the snowdrift Mobious Cowl and decided that I would knit it. I bought the wool and found the needles in the loft and got cracking. I have knitted about 30 rows and it suddenly dawned on me, your instructions state size 10 needles, does this mean UK size 10 or US size 10. If it is the latter what is the corresponding size for the UK.. Although it is knitting up well it is not as light as I expected so suspect I am using the wrong size needles.
    Many thanks

    1. Hi Trish!

      I’m so happy to hear that you’re back to your crafting and am VERY honored that you’re knitting my Snowdrift Mobius Cowl.

      To answer your question: I used needles that are a US size 10. The UK equivilent is size 6 mm. I can think of two reasons why the gauge for this cowl is not what you were expecting. First, my tension may just be different than yours. But secondly, due to the garter stitch design of this cowl, I found that the cowl stretches considerably long-ways. In the beginning the knitting looks tighter for me, too, but as I knit I periodically stretch the cowl lengthwise to stretch out the stitches. When I do this, over time, the dropped stitches take on a graceful, relaxed tension. (And I like that look a lot!)

      I hope this help and blessings on your cowl. Welcome back!

  5. Anne,
    I love your blog, what an inspiration you are. I, too, am planning a dessert auction. Your Deluxe Turtle Truffle Cheesecake looked AMAZING! Do you share recipes.

    Allyson Bernstorf
    Northfield, MN

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