Get Set . . .

So, company’s coming! It’s that time of year, and I’m getting ready to host my family Thanksgiving Dinner. Should be great! I come from a storied history of huge holiday dinners. My mom, the consummate hostess, threw Thanksgivings where everyone was welcome: friends without family, visiting missionaries, extended-extended family, shut-in neighbors – I think we … Continue reading Get Set . . .

Straight Outta Norway

So, straight-up, I’m Norwegian. Like, I act Norwegian. Exhibit A: I dress in layers. Exhibit B: I own a garden gnome. Two, actually. Exhibit C: I say “uffda”* when picking up something heavy. And I can tell you what this is: Guesses? It’s a sandbakkel tin. Sandbakkels (pronounced “SONd-bockls”) are Norwegian molded shortbread cookies and … Continue reading Straight Outta Norway

Great Brass

My friend Leah owns an interior design business and has to make buying trips every six months. Poor thing. Whenever she comes back I make her tell me what’s up. What’re we going to be seeing next season?  What’s new? A few years ago the forecast as “industrial” and “big beds” and “black”. Then came “blue. … Continue reading Great Brass

Meet Holly Snelling

I think it’s such a treat to have creative people in my life.  Especially creative people that come from a different design discipline.  When I’m fumbling around with my brand of creative projects in my head all day, I love to see something new, something different.  Something that stretches my own ideas out of their … Continue reading Meet Holly Snelling

Bring It, Dirt

When we bought our lovely house several years ago, it was clean and white. White walls, white trim, white carpet. And it was clean. And then we moved in. Now, I’m not saying that we’re the dirty-nastiest family I know, but we’re not a family that’s going to keep a clean, white house clean and white … Continue reading Bring It, Dirt