Glitter Bunny Tutorial

Spring decorations make me happy, but boy, can they get tacky fast.  Bunnies and pastels and Easter eggs aren’t high on the Elegance Scale, you know?  So it’s been a lofty, lifelong pursuit not really to find and make spring decoration that check two boxes: fresh AND fabulous. This project fits the bill. First, you’ll … Continue reading Glitter Bunny Tutorial


I have coined a new term.  “Elfwork.” elf·wərk/ n.  preparations for Christmas, usually performed in a hurried or hyper manner. Now dear reader, I do no mean to confuse you.  This new term “elfwork” is very different from another term I’ve coined: “elf workout.” elf·wərk·out/ n.  An exercise regimen consisting of throwing snowballs and jumping over … Continue reading Elfwork

Give Thanks

For Thanksgiving, we jump in the car and drive to see family out-of-state.  And of all the real holiday activities, this one little trip is a beloved tradition for me.  I’m not sure why.  It may be the time of year.  Fall is just starting to stagger under winter’s coming cold.  Harvested fields are barren, with … Continue reading Give Thanks

Baton Rouge

“Baton rouge” is French for “red stick” I learned that in fifth grade. For many people, decorating for Christmas is its own tradition.  Most people haul out a box (or six) of beloved ornaments.  A mishmash of construction paper/popsicle stick school-made ornaments (with a picture of your kid posited in front of a classroom bulletin board like a … Continue reading Baton Rouge

Fresh Eggs

I like what I like.  Every spring, as I wrench my soul from winter’s grasp, I sprinkle the rooms of my home with springtime decorations.  I’ve always got an eye on cool trends in the design world, but these springtime decoration are impervious to trendy style.  They are familiar and humble, never trendy and definitely not hip.   For me, springtime decorations … Continue reading Fresh Eggs