I have coined a new term.  “Elfwork.” elf·wərk/ n.  preparations for Christmas, usually performed in a hurried or hyper manner. Now dear reader, I do no mean to confuse you.  This new term “elfwork” is very different from another term I’ve coined: “elf workout.” elf·wərk·out/ n.  An exercise regimen consisting of throwing snowballs and jumping over … Continue reading Elfwork

Give Thanks

For Thanksgiving, we jump in the car and drive to see family out-of-state.  And of all the real holiday activities, this one little trip is a beloved tradition for me.  I’m not sure why.  It may be the time of year.  Fall is just starting to stagger under winter’s coming cold.  Harvested fields are barren, with … Continue reading Give Thanks

Baton Rouge

“Baton rouge” is French for “red stick” I learned that in fifth grade. For many people, decorating for Christmas is its own tradition.  Most people haul out a box (or six) of beloved ornaments.  A mishmash of construction paper/popsicle stick school-made ornaments (with a picture of your kid posited in front of a classroom bulletin board like a … Continue reading Baton Rouge