Five-Year Plan Party

Several years ago I was watching one of those daytime “housewife” shows. You know the ones: the ones with segments dedicated to clever ways to use leftover meatloaf, cute ways to “dress up breakfast” for your kids and “10 ways to look 10 pounds thinner.” Good TV.  Anyway, one segment featured a woman who talked … Continue reading Five-Year Plan Party

Ooh, Ambitious

Back when I was a good mom, my kids and I planned fun Summer School sessions around a themed cirriculum. When the kids were small, we had alphabet days, a la Sesame Street. I have really sweet memories of these days because we worked hard to make fun days on a slim-slim budget. For S day, I … Continue reading Ooh, Ambitious


This delightful Jello cocktail is just in time for Easter (and Easter dinner with family).  Combining all the classic kitchen-love of a gelatin dessert* with the power punch of a Jello shot, this cocktail dessert is perfect.  And it’s topped with a Peep.  Need I say more? Bunnytail 1 3-oz. box strawberry jello 3/4 c. boiling water … Continue reading Bunnytail

Chai la Luna

(The title is a Godfather-geek reference to the dirty song that Mama Corleone sings in the wedding scene of Godfather I – possibly the best scene in all of film.) The first time I ever heard of chai, that spicy tea-milk drink that soothes my soul, was in an Indian restaurant in Chicago. My big family had ordered … Continue reading Chai la Luna