I ♥ Lanterns

The always-eloquent Ke$ha (no she’s not, I was being facetious) talks about a boy’s love-drug as “a sick obsession” – (she’s seeing it in her dreams!).   I’m a little more grown up than Ke$ha and I’m happy to be done with adolescent crazycrushes.   Now that I’ve grown past those fixations, I find myself with a little bit … Continue reading I ♥ Lanterns

Bead Show 2010

In an 18-hour day trip with my girl Nicole, I hit the Bead and Button Show in Milwaukee yesterday.  After looking forward to it for months, I have to say: it was pretty wonderful.  Bead shopping weakness: aqua blue and carnelian red.  I have a certain aesthetic.  I  think Nicole called it, “boring.”  Best vendors: while I … Continue reading Bead Show 2010

Soap Jar

I know it may seem silly to some, but sometimes little shots of style can transcend a daily task for me.  Of all the little chores I do in a day, it’s a resheshing break to encounter beauty.  This is a simple and pretty idea that elevates my linen closet into a space I don’t mind … Continue reading Soap Jar