Bead Show 2010

In an 18-hour day trip with my girl Nicole, I hit the Bead and Button Show in Milwaukee yesterday.  After looking forward to it for months, I have to say: it was pretty wonderful.  Bead shopping weakness: aqua blue and carnelian red.  I have a certain aesthetic.  I  think Nicole called it, “boring.”  Best vendors: while I … Continue reading Bead Show 2010

Soap Jar

I know it may seem silly to some, but sometimes little shots of style can transcend a daily task for me.  Of all the little chores I do in a day, it’s a resheshing break to encounter beauty.  This is a simple and pretty idea that elevates my linen closet into a space I don’t mind … Continue reading Soap Jar

Great Finds

In my town, we have a large and diverse international community thanks to a major university just down the street.  So for a smallish city in east central Illinois, we have tons of great restaurants, grocery stores, import shops and the sweetest garage sales ever.  I love finding a foreign grad student’s garage sale where they’re … Continue reading Great Finds


Welcome to my blog, Handmade by Anne Potter!  I have a passion for making all things wonderful out of recycled and interesting materials.  I love to knit, quilt, sew and make jewelry, but I’m always excited to try new techniques.  Here I’ll share great projects, updates and cool ideas.  Thanks for dropping in. Continue reading Welcome!