I ♥ Noro

One of my favorite pictures from my childhood is a photo of my grandparents at the Garfield Park Conservatory in Chicago, circa 1978. First, a little background.  Chicago’s Garfield Park is a tough neighborhood. High crime, boarded-up vacant buildings, ratty-nasty vacant lots and some serious gang graffiti. But right next door to these streets is the Garfield … Continue reading I ♥ Noro

Copper Garden Ball

In an informal survey conducted over the last five years, I have found that 98.23% of all “garden ball” garden accessories are tacky. Mirror-finished in garish colors, balanced on dinky metal stands, and embellished with wire butterflies (you know the ones!), these terrible things make me almost angry. I think they’re awful. And when I … Continue reading Copper Garden Ball

Tobago Belt Crochet Pattern

A wonderfully cool accessory, this uber-hip belt gives crochet a new swagger. A bright Caribbean blue yarn and traditional square motifs get along perfectly in this fashion-brilliant belt. I love how the classic Granny square has such attitude seen on this bandolier-inspired hip belt – so cool! While you could make this belt using any small square … Continue reading Tobago Belt Crochet Pattern