Great Brass

My friend Leah owns an interior design business and has to make buying trips every six months. Poor thing. Whenever she comes back I make her tell me what’s up. What’re we going to be seeing next season?  What’s new? A few years ago the forecast as “industrial” and “big beds” and “black”. Then came “blue. … Continue reading Great Brass

Eh, Better

I was going to start a new series and name this post, “Before and After.”  In a “Before and After” post I would, of course, show a picture of some mussy garage sale find and then, of course, a stunning “how did she do that?!” picture of the reinvented piece. Then I would humbly wax … Continue reading Eh, Better

I ♥ India

I’ve heard that in the Indian town of Jodhpur, so many of the houses are painted a bright, periwinkle blue that the whole town looks blue from the hills above.  Did I need to hear this?  Did I need another reason to pine for a tour through India?  No. India captured my imagination long ago.  I think it’s the idea … Continue reading I ♥ India

Cead Mile Failte

The English major in me loves the concept of a front porch. The humble front porch serves as a threshold between one’s public and private lives: it mitigates the cold world outside and preserves the intimacy of a personal space. (English majors love fruitless discussions that pull together little bits of brilliance to coin a … Continue reading Cead Mile Failte