Meet Holly Snelling

I think it’s such a treat to have creative people in my life.  Especially creative people that come from a different design discipline.  When I’m fumbling around with my brand of creative projects in my head all day, I love to see something new, something different.  Something that stretches my own ideas out of their … Continue reading Meet Holly Snelling

Selling Out

My daughter has been obsessed with all things Hunger Games lately. I’d love to tell you more about this fixation, but all I know of Hunger Games is through the giggly, hard-to-understand gibberish that most twelve-year-old girls speak. (You know what I mean: lame stories where every sentence rises to an insecure question mark, with more … Continue reading Selling Out

Baton Rouge

“Baton rouge” is French for “red stick” I learned that in fifth grade. For many people, decorating for Christmas is its own tradition.  Most people haul out a box (or six) of beloved ornaments.  A mishmash of construction paper/popsicle stick school-made ornaments (with a picture of your kid posited in front of a classroom bulletin board like a … Continue reading Baton Rouge