Procrasti Nation

When Martha Stewart was writing her first book, she sent her husband and daughter on a ski trip so she could have a quiet home for writing.  But then she didn’t write.  She did anything but write.  She watched TV.  She dropped in on friends for a visit.  She lazily dusted random surfaces. Boy, can … Continue reading Procrasti Nation

Great Brass

My friend Leah owns an interior design business and has to make buying trips every six months. Poor thing. Whenever she comes back I make her tell me what’s up. What’re we going to be seeing next season?  What’s new? A few years ago the forecast as “industrial” and “big beds” and “black”. Then came “blue. … Continue reading Great Brass

Give Thanks

For Thanksgiving, we jump in the car and drive to see family out-of-state.  And of all the real holiday activities, this one little trip is a beloved tradition for me.  I’m not sure why.  It may be the time of year.  Fall is just starting to stagger under winter’s coming cold.  Harvested fields are barren, with … Continue reading Give Thanks

L’arte di arrangiarsi

There is a real delight that comes in taking a small bit of nothing and making it wonderful. Who’s with me?! Not a new concept, the Italians have long had a phrase for this idea: “L’arte di arrangiarsi” which translates as “the art of making something from nothing,” or “the art of getting by.” A simple … Continue reading L’arte di arrangiarsi

Eh, Better

I was going to start a new series and name this post, “Before and After.”  In a “Before and After” post I would, of course, show a picture of some mussy garage sale find and then, of course, a stunning “how did she do that?!” picture of the reinvented piece. Then I would humbly wax … Continue reading Eh, Better

Baton Rouge

“Baton rouge” is French for “red stick” I learned that in fifth grade. For many people, decorating for Christmas is its own tradition.  Most people haul out a box (or six) of beloved ornaments.  A mishmash of construction paper/popsicle stick school-made ornaments (with a picture of your kid posited in front of a classroom bulletin board like a … Continue reading Baton Rouge