Eh, Better

I was going to start a new series and name this post, “Before and After.”  In a “Before and After” post I would, of course, show a picture of some mussy garage sale find and then, of course, a stunning “how did she do that?!” picture of the reinvented piece. Then I would humbly wax … Continue reading Eh, Better


This delightful Jello cocktail is just in time for Easter (and Easter dinner with family).  Combining all the classic kitchen-love of a gelatin dessert* with the power punch of a Jello shot, this cocktail dessert is perfect.  And it’s topped with a Peep.  Need I say more? Bunnytail 1 3-oz. box strawberry jello 3/4 c. boiling water … Continue reading Bunnytail

Baton Rouge

“Baton rouge” is French for “red stick” I learned that in fifth grade. For many people, decorating for Christmas is its own tradition.  Most people haul out a box (or six) of beloved ornaments.  A mishmash of construction paper/popsicle stick school-made ornaments (with a picture of your kid posited in front of a classroom bulletin board like a … Continue reading Baton Rouge