Straight Outta Norway

So, straight-up, I’m Norwegian. Like, I act Norwegian. Exhibit A: I dress in layers. Exhibit B: I own a garden gnome. Two, actually. Exhibit C: I say “uffda”* when picking up something heavy. And I can tell you what this is: Guesses? It’s a sandbakkel tin. Sandbakkels (pronounced “SONd-bockls”) are Norwegian molded shortbread cookies and … Continue reading Straight Outta Norway

Great Brass

My friend Leah owns an interior design business and has to make buying trips every six months. Poor thing. Whenever she comes back I make her tell me what’s up. What’re we going to be seeing next season?  What’s new? A few years ago the forecast as “industrial” and “big beds” and “black”. Then came “blue. … Continue reading Great Brass

Eh, Better: Wall Swallows

In this installation of “Eh, Better” I take plastic “wood grain” wall art swallows and make them “Eh, Better!” You may be able to relate to this phenomenon, but I have a gut-reaction to tacky decor from my childhood. The decor that backdrops my earliest early years. Memories from this era are from so far … Continue reading Eh, Better: Wall Swallows

Eh, Better

I was going to start a new series and name this post, “Before and After.”  In a “Before and After” post I would, of course, show a picture of some mussy garage sale find and then, of course, a stunning “how did she do that?!” picture of the reinvented piece. Then I would humbly wax … Continue reading Eh, Better

Chic Cloche

Maybe the coolest pieces in decorating is the glass cloche. A glass cloche is a clear glass dome that covers a piece and lends it protection and importance. The glass cloche takes an ordinary anything (flower bloom, seashell, travel souvenir) and elevates it into an objet d’art (and keeps it dust-free!). Long a secret weapon … Continue reading Chic Cloche

Easy as ABC

There is something refreshingly hopeful about the season of new school supplies. Crisp-edged Pink Pearl erasers, the immaculate white pages of a new notebook, the smell of Elmer’s glue: a fresh start! I was never a good student in elementary school, but I loved the feeling of readiness and optimism as I collected my pristine … Continue reading Easy as ABC