Eh, Better: Wall Swallows

In this installation of “Eh, Better” I take plastic “wood grain” wall art swallows and make them “Eh, Better!” You may be able to relate to this phenomenon, but I have a gut-reaction to tacky decor from my childhood. The decor that backdrops my earliest early years. Memories from this era are from so far … Continue reading Eh, Better: Wall Swallows

Eh, Better

I was going to start a new series and name this post, “Before and After.”  In a “Before and After” post I would, of course, show a picture of some mussy garage sale find and then, of course, a stunning “how did she do that?!” picture of the reinvented piece. Then I would humbly wax … Continue reading Eh, Better

Front Porch Sitting

I’m quite sure I do my best garbage picking at night. Pride banished like daylight I stalk around upper middle class neighborhoods, ready to pounce on unsuspecting prey. Well, not exactly. But without having to worry about “what the neighbors might think” I feel much bolder to nab a great piece by night (even if it is … Continue reading Front Porch Sitting