To Market

I’m in love with the idea of Flea Markets. Worn-out and faded pieces of furniture. Chipped china. Old utilitarian pieces – like printer’s type and baker’s bread bowls – that don’t even know they’re beautiful. Weathered iron with its honestly earned patina. Yup. I love it. And I love the scavenging that comes with Flea Market shopping. Finding the … Continue reading To Market

Shoe Fix

I would love to have Carrie Bradshaw’s shoe wardrobe. Manolo Blahniks that she strutted down Manhattan’s streets, coordinated with outfits from her sprawling designer wardrobe and referred to like old friends (“my Spring ’98 turquoise peep-toes”). Ah, to have such a shoe wonderland in my closet! (Ah, to have such a fantastically socialite lifestyle to go with it!) … Continue reading Shoe Fix