Meet Holly Snelling

I think it’s such a treat to have creative people in my life.  Especially creative people that come from a different design discipline.  When I’m fumbling around with my brand of creative projects in my head all day, I love to see something new, something different.  Something that stretches my own ideas out of their … Continue reading Meet Holly Snelling

Certified Handmade

There is a funny sketch on Portlandia that I’ve been thinking about lately.  A couple sits down in an organic bistro for dinner. The woman may order the chicken, but she first has some questions for the waitress: “Is this chicken USDA Organic? or Oregon Organic? or Portland Organic?” “Is the chicken . . . local?”  To best … Continue reading Certified Handmade


I grew up in a pretty 1920-something house with leaded glass windows. I never thought much about these windows because they were just there. (And they were just windows.) But they really were lovely. Each diamond-shaped panel of glass was at a slightly different angle from the next, giving the windows a faceted look. The glass was also … Continue reading Insta-Elegance