Straight Outta Norway

So, straight-up, I’m Norwegian. Like, I act Norwegian. Exhibit A: I dress in layers. Exhibit B: I own a garden gnome. Two, actually. Exhibit C: I say “uffda”* when picking up something heavy. And I can tell you what this is: Guesses? It’s a sandbakkel tin. Sandbakkels (pronounced “SONd-bockls”) are Norwegian molded shortbread cookies and … Continue reading Straight Outta Norway

Great Brass

My friend Leah owns an interior design business and has to make buying trips every six months. Poor thing. Whenever she comes back I make her tell me what’s up. What’re we going to be seeing next season?  What’s new? A few years ago the forecast as “industrial” and “big beds” and “black”. Then came “blue. … Continue reading Great Brass

Bicycle! Bicycle!

It’s no secret that I love curbside treasures. I have very little shame when it comes to slamming on the brakes, backing up, and loading up some great find from someone’s garbage pile. Even with people watching me from inside the house. And after 20-some years of garbage picking I’ve found some wonderful pieces. • … Continue reading Bicycle! Bicycle!


Yesterday I had one of those moments that brings you down low. I’d been having a good day, actually.  I’d been spring cleaning in the morning, purging and purging useless half-projects from my studio space. I was replacing the space and materials dedicated to old pastimes with cleared space for the “new.”  I hauled along … Continue reading Inspired

To Market

I’m in love with the idea of Flea Markets. Worn-out and faded pieces of furniture. Chipped china. Old utilitarian pieces – like printer’s type and baker’s bread bowls – that don’t even know they’re beautiful. Weathered iron with its honestly earned patina. Yup. I love it. And I love the scavenging that comes with Flea Market shopping. Finding the … Continue reading To Market

Eh, Better: Wall Swallows

In this installation of “Eh, Better” I take plastic “wood grain” wall art swallows and make them “Eh, Better!” You may be able to relate to this phenomenon, but I have a gut-reaction to tacky decor from my childhood. The decor that backdrops my earliest early years. Memories from this era are from so far … Continue reading Eh, Better: Wall Swallows