Get Set . . .

So, company’s coming! It’s that time of year, and I’m getting ready to host my family Thanksgiving Dinner. Should be great! I come from a storied history of huge holiday dinners. My mom, the consummate hostess, threw Thanksgivings where everyone was welcome: friends without family, visiting missionaries, extended-extended family, shut-in neighbors – I think we … Continue reading Get Set . . .


I have coined a new term.  “Elfwork.” elf·wərk/ n.  preparations for Christmas, usually performed in a hurried or hyper manner. Now dear reader, I do no mean to confuse you.  This new term “elfwork” is very different from another term I’ve coined: “elf workout.” elf·wərk·out/ n.  An exercise regimen consisting of throwing snowballs and jumping over … Continue reading Elfwork

Give Thanks

For Thanksgiving, we jump in the car and drive to see family out-of-state.  And of all the real holiday activities, this one little trip is a beloved tradition for me.  I’m not sure why.  It may be the time of year.  Fall is just starting to stagger under winter’s coming cold.  Harvested fields are barren, with … Continue reading Give Thanks

Pumpkin Party

Every year as September wanes, our family gears up for one of our favorite holidays of the year: the twins’ birthday on “Knockedover” October 4th. The twins are a . . . lively* addition to our family and we’re all pretty smitten with them. While I was talking to some moms at the playground a … Continue reading Pumpkin Party

I ♥ India

I’ve heard that in the Indian town of Jodhpur, so many of the houses are painted a bright, periwinkle blue that the whole town looks blue from the hills above.  Did I need to hear this?  Did I need another reason to pine for a tour through India?  No. India captured my imagination long ago.  I think it’s the idea … Continue reading I ♥ India

Hosta Leaf Bouquets

Today I’m bustling around my house, getting ready for a girlfriends brunch tomorrow morning. We do this every month or so: gathered together with a spread of quiches and muffins and fruit, we chirp about domestic minutiae. Everyone catches up whilst drinking strong coffee.  It’s so cozy. This time we’re saying goodbye to a dear … Continue reading Hosta Leaf Bouquets