Gardening for Free

As an English major I read lots and lots of books.  And I really liked most of them, especially those that transcended my normal life and opened up new ideas for me.  But dirty secret: above almost of all those dreamy-wonderful books, I think one of my favorites is the Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin.  Now, … Continue reading Gardening for Free

Glitter Bunny Tutorial

Spring decorations make me happy, but boy, can they get tacky fast.  Bunnies and pastels and Easter eggs aren’t high on the Elegance Scale, you know?  So it’s been a lofty, lifelong pursuit not really to find and make spring decoration that check two boxes: fresh AND fabulous. This project fits the bill. First, you’ll … Continue reading Glitter Bunny Tutorial

Craft Level: Frida

I was in the mood to knit the other day. So I went into my really pretty Thai basket of UFOs and dug up a boyfriend sweater project that I started for my husband years ago. This sweater is a beaut’!  Richly textured with an all-over traveling cable pattern, every stitch is part of a … Continue reading Craft Level: Frida

Procrasti Nation

When Martha Stewart was writing her first book, she sent her husband and daughter on a ski trip so she could have a quiet home for writing.  But then she didn’t write.  She did anything but write.  She watched TV.  She dropped in on friends for a visit.  She lazily dusted random surfaces. Boy, can … Continue reading Procrasti Nation

Get Set . . .

So, company’s coming! It’s that time of year, and I’m getting ready to host my family Thanksgiving Dinner. Should be great! I come from a storied history of huge holiday dinners. My mom, the consummate hostess, threw Thanksgivings where everyone was welcome: friends without family, visiting missionaries, extended-extended family, shut-in neighbors – I think we … Continue reading Get Set . . .

Crocheted Succulent Garden

Like their prickly cousin, the cactus, I’ve stayed far away from succulents for most of my life. Their easy-to-maintain nature is a real offense to someone like me, who can kill any houseplant that comes my way.  They claim to be impossible to kill but I’ve killed them before because I’m just. that. negligent. Their … Continue reading Crocheted Succulent Garden