I ♥ Pom Poms

I love summer, but who doesn’t? It’s the long days of sunshine and the unhurried pace of things. These days I enjoy my summer days by biking country roads through cornfields and having a beer with friends, but when I was young, my summer days looked much different. First of all, we didn’t have cornfields … Continue reading I ♥ Pom Poms

Where you been?

I’ve been away. I’ve been away and I’ve missed you! Several years ago I wrote a post about laying out a path that leads to to Dreams Achieved. The idea was that if you can envision where you want to be in five years, then you can lay out and enact a plan that actualizes … Continue reading Where you been?


I have coined a new term.  “Elfwork.” elf·wərk/ n.  preparations for Christmas, usually performed in a hurried or hyper manner. Now dear reader, I do no mean to confuse you.  This new term “elfwork” is very different from another term I’ve coined: “elf workout.” elf·wərk·out/ n.  An exercise regimen consisting of throwing snowballs and jumping over … Continue reading Elfwork

Bicycle! Bicycle!

It’s no secret that I love curbside treasures. I have very little shame when it comes to slamming on the brakes, backing up, and loading up some great find from someone’s garbage pile. Even with people watching me from inside the house. And after 20-some years of garbage picking I’ve found some wonderful pieces. • … Continue reading Bicycle! Bicycle!

My Surreal Summer or “What I Did on My Summer Vacation, Part 1”

Summer got surreal when my daughter gave me the phone message. “Uncle Josh is in surgery,” she said. And no one knew what that meant. What surgery? Why? Where? What for? Details filled in like they usually do in Crisis Mode. Misinformation mingles with fact, then retreats and regroups and a forms a new working … Continue reading My Surreal Summer or “What I Did on My Summer Vacation, Part 1”