Get Set . . .

So, company’s coming! It’s that time of year, and I’m getting ready to host my family Thanksgiving Dinner. Should be great! I come from a storied history of huge holiday dinners. My mom, the consummate hostess, threw Thanksgivings where everyone was welcome: friends without family, visiting missionaries, extended-extended family, shut-in neighbors – I think we … Continue reading Get Set . . .

Crocheted Succulent Garden

Like their prickly cousin, the cactus, I’ve stayed far away from succulents for most of my life. Their easy-to-maintain nature is a real offense to someone like me, who can kill any houseplant that comes my way.  They claim to be impossible to kill but I’ve killed them before because I’m just. that. negligent. Their … Continue reading Crocheted Succulent Garden

Bicycle! Bicycle!

It’s no secret that I love curbside treasures. I have very little shame when it comes to slamming on the brakes, backing up, and loading up some great find from someone’s garbage pile. Even with people watching me from inside the house. And after 20-some years of garbage picking I’ve found some wonderful pieces. • … Continue reading Bicycle! Bicycle!

Bring It, Dirt

When we bought our lovely house several years ago, it was clean and white. White walls, white trim, white carpet. And it was clean. And then we moved in. Now, I’m not saying that we’re the dirty-nastiest family I know, but we’re not a family that’s going to keep a clean, white house clean and white … Continue reading Bring It, Dirt