Cocoon Cardi Crochet Pattern

8 thoughts on “Cocoon Cardi Crochet Pattern”

  1. A really gorgeous pattern.. I hope you make more along these lines. Do I use a bulky yarn or knitting worsted?

    I just so happy to get your site.. Thank you,

    1. The yarn that I used is a worsted weight single ply yarn. But because this pattern is just a large square with no shaping, it would be SO EASY to make a yarn substitution – just crochet up a swatch (to find your sts. per inch number) and then multiply to find your new stitch count.

  2. Anne

    Are you in Australia? The tr in US is equal to the Aus dc.
    It looks like you are using the Aus tr, so I will use this. Thanks for a great pattern.

    1. I’m so glad you like the pattern! I’m in the US and the tr that I use is the US tr, with two initial wraps around hook. I think it’s so frustrating that we don’t have a universal Crochet language, don’t you? Enjoy your cardi!

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